Home cinema install: Bring on the wall!

This project from The London Home Cinema Company is a stunning example of an attic movie room conversion, and one where the use of a partitioning wall kills two birds with one stone.

First, it provides space to mount the system's 16:9 projector screen at a distance better suited to the optical skills of the JVC DLA-Z1 laser projector and the owner's seating layout preferences. Second, it creates a rear space, accessed via cutaways either side, to accommodate an extensive Blu-ray library and system electronics.

A discreet install for the latter was critical, as while the brief was for a premium AV performance, it also demanded the appearance of the room be preserved and not compromised by too much bulky equipment. This also put constraints on the amount of acoustic treatments that could be used, and subsequently put further importance on the choice of M&K Sound speakers and Lyngdorf processing.

Installer Martin Redwood explains: 'We love M&K speakers and we don’t want their performance changed, we just want them to be heard without the rooms’ acoustics compromising their design.' Enter Lyngdorf's RoomPerfect calibration software, which Redwood argues is the only correction system that preserves the sound of the speakers used, and gives optimal results in 'normal' rooms without the need for acoustic treatments.

And this is a 'normal' room, albeit one with some very high-end AV. There's no de jour star ceiling or cinema-style row of recliner chairs, lighting effects are minimal, and the pitched roof is retained, necessitating side surround speakers being mounted on a downward angle. It's clearly still a loft space – only now it's made for movie night.

Installer Info

The London Home Cinema Company

Kit Checklist

Lyngdorf: MP-60 16-channel audio processor; 6 x SDA2400 (2 x 400W) power amplifiers
JVC: DLA-Z1 4K HDR laser projector
Screen Research: Supreme 3 fixed-frame 16:9 projector screen (3.3m-wide) with ClearPix 4K material
M&K Sound: 3 x IW300 LCR speakers; 2 x S300T rear surround speakers; 2 x IW300 in-ceiling surround speakers; 4 x IW300 in-ceiling height speakers; 2 x X12 subwoofers
Sony: UBP-X1000ES 4K Blu-ray player
Control4: Automation and control system

This is a space designed for multiple guests and a relaxed atmosphere, so there are plenty of seating options

The JVC DLA-Z1 laser projector offers fast boot-up times, long 'lamp' life and native 4K HDR playback. The owner uses it to watch movies and sports

Nestled between disc shelves is a kit rack to house the cinema's Sony 4K BD player, Control 4 hardware and Lyngdorf amplification and processing

'The power handling and output of these compact speakers is exceptional,' says the installer of M&K's 300 Series