Home cinema install: Movie room makeover

Acoustic treatment and smart design go hand-in-hand in this bespoke picture palace completed by UK installer Pyramid AV. A total overhaul of an earlier system that featured redundant hardware and had fallen out of use, 
the room now features 9.3.6-channel Dolby Atmos 
sonics, seven luxury cinema seats and a startling, unique aesthetic. It's dubbed The Cavern, and it's easy to see why.

The multi-faceted wall and ceiling design isn't just for show, though. Assembled from 56 separate laser-cut panels, each then finished in acoustic fabric, it ensures the multichannel array – backed up by a Trinnov processor and 16 channels 
of amplification – hits the right notes. Three subwoofers are deployed (one supplied by the owner from his previous setup), with bass traps used in addition to a dedicated DSP unit to tailor LF performance. A 102dB reference level is achieved 
at the listening position.

Various sources feed the cinema's JVC DLA-X7900 projector: movies on-demand from 
a Kaleidescape Strato, Sky Q, Ultra HD Blu-ray and a Dune media player. A Lumagen Radiance Pro sits in the video chain for image fettling.

The project scored Pyramid AV the winner's prize in the Home Cinema Level II category at the 2019 CEDIA Awards.

With this cinema, the installer tackled acoustic considerations during the initial build phase, delivering a wall/ceiling system that marries absorption with limited parallel surfaces for 'a highly controlled acoustic environment'

Source selection, lighting scenes and preset control macros are delivered by a Control4 system incorporating an iPad, handheld remote and on-wall keypad

Tasked with delivering a high-spec, immersive audio system in a basement space with 2.3m ceiling, Pyramid AV began with CAD pre-visualization. Positions for the full 9.3.6 system were plotted (including an extra pair of surrounds to spread the image to the second seating row). In the finished room, all speakers are hidden from view

Installer Info

Pyramid AV

Kit Checklist

JVC: DLA-X7900 4K HDR projector
DT Screens: 3.3m, 2.35:1 projector screen
Martin Audio: 5 x CDD8 speakers (L/C/R and front wide); 6 x CDD5 speakers (Atmos heights); 6 x CDD6 (rear and surrounds); 2 x Blackline X210 subwoofers; MA3.0 subwoofer amplifier
Artcoustic: DFS1090-75 subwoofer; S-220 subwoofer amplifier
Trinnov: Altitude 16 processor
Bose: 2 x Powermatch eight-channel amplifiers
Lumagen: Radiance Pro 4240 video processor
Control4: C4-EA3 processor; SR-260 remote
Panasonic:DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player (multiregion)
Sky: Sky Q Silver PVR
Kaleidescape: Strato movie server
HD Fury: Vertex video processor
Frontier: 7 x electric reclining cinema seats