SVS launches new Ultra Evolution loudspeaker range

Comprising three floorstander models, two bookshelf units, a centre enclosure and a dedicated Elevation height/on-wall speaker, SVS's new Ultra Evolution series has home cinema builders in its sights – and replaces the US manufacturer's previous Ultra range as its top-flight proposition.

Gone are the trapezoidal cabinets of the original Ultra, although SVS still hasn't opted for a conventional look. The Ultra Evolution Pinnacle, Titan and Tower floorstanders all feature curved front baffles to enable physical time alignment of their tweeter/mid/woofer driver arrays.

Timbre-matching to the manufacturer's more affordable Prime speakers, plus the earlier Ultra designs, enables owners to assemble mixed systems if they want, says SVS. There are new driver technologies, however, including aluminium dome tweeters with a vapour-deposited diamond coating said to offer 'more seamless blending' with the Ultra Evolution's glass-fibre midrange and bass/mid cones.

The floorstanders also include rear-facing woofers, for a force-balancing approach similar to that of its 3000 Micro subwoofer.

All seven cabinets are sold in piano gloss black, piano gloss white or black ash, and are supplied with magnetic grilles.

Pricing is £5,999, £4,999 and £3,599 respectively for the Pinnacle, Titan and Tower; £1,499 for the Bookshelf and £1,099 for the Nano; £999 (each) for the Center; and £1,099 for the Elevation.

Says SVS chief Gary Yacoubian: 'Ultra Evolution redefines what's possible in its price range.'