Home cinema install: Out with the old, in with the new

When you move house, you don't typically expect to find a cinema room in the basement. 
Yet that's the story behind this Dolby Atmos/4K project from Cheshire-based integration company SONA.

The installer was tasked with upgrading an old setup for the property's new owner, and what was originally envisaged as a simple update with 
new screen, projector and speakers, became something better: 'We saw the opportunity to create something much more special, that would make watching content in this space an event, rather than just a bigscreen.'

Better by design
To achieve that aim, a kit list was assembled 
that includes Sony's VPL-VW270ES 4K projector, 
a discreet, in-wall/in-ceiling Artcoustic 7.1.2 
speaker system, Anthem AV receiver, and Lumagen video processor. Design was equally important, 
so a concept was developed using stretched fabric walls, chrome inlays, 'feature' wall lights and colour-changing illumination around the skirting 
and coffer.

A large, soft-fabric L-shaped seating array then provides ample space for the family to kick back with a movie.

Construction work included new timber-framed walls to recess speakers and house absorption 
and diffusion acoustic treatments, plus a 
dropped ceiling.

The installer says the key benefits of the system's Lumagen processor are its automated aspect ratio switching to make best use of the 2.40:1 projector screen – 'this approach negates inconsistent focusing across the entire screen, along with pin-cushioning effects often found when using a separate lens setup' – and improved image quality from the room's Sky Q 
and Apple TV 4K sources.

Perhaps surprisingly, given the other hardware, there's no 4K Blu-ray player in the AV chain. This is a modern cinema room in more ways than one...

Installer Info


Kit list

Sony: VPL-VW270ES 4K HDR projector
Cinema Build Systems: 2.40:1 projection screen
Artcoustic: 3 x SL 6-3 (L/C/R); 4 x Target SL (surround and rears); 2 x Architect SL (height); Impact 2 subwoofer
Anthem: MRX 1120 AV receiver
Lumagen: Radiance Pro 4240 video processor
Sky: Sky Q Silver
Apple: Apple TV 4K
Vicoustic: Absorption and diffusion acoustic treatments
Lutron: Lighting control with Orluna lighting
Crestron: TSR-310 remote

Images come via a Sony VPL-VW270ES 4K projector, firing at a 2.40:1 ratio screen. A Lumagen processor handles automatic aspect ratio switching