Home cinema install: Stealth theatre with style

A regular living room undergoes an AV transformation thanks to some projector and screen acrobatics, plus custom cabinetry

There are professional installs that bring high-end hardware to dedicated, cavernous cinema rooms, and there are also slick, affordable makeovers of regular living spaces, like this ultra-smart project from UK systems integrator Pure Theatre.

To reimagine a standard-sized living room as a bigscreen theatre with 7.1.4 audio, while retaining the look and feel of a multi-use space, the installer added a 'tray ceiling' that was then used to house four in-ceiling Monitor Audio speakers, plus an Epson EH-TW9400 projector and 104in, 16:9-ratio screen.

Via Amazon Alexa voice control (also used to operate the room's Philips Hue lighting) the beamer descends on a motorised lift when needed, and the screen comes down too.

Four more Monitor Audio speakers are mounted in-wall for rear and surround channels, while the L/C/R units are cleverly incorporated into a low-slung custom-made AV cabinet. This also stores an 11-channel Denon AV receiver, plus sources befitting a forward-thinking family entertainment space: Sky Q, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and an Xbox games console.

Black blanking panels around the AV gear complete a neat installation, just one element of the project that meets the brief of a 'concealed home cinema setup.'

Installer Info

Pure Theatre

Kit list

Epson: EH-TW9400 4K projector
Pure Theatre: CR240 ceiling-recessed 104in projector screen; CR50 projector lift; custom AV rack unit
Monitor Audio: 7 x W380-IDC in-wall speakers (L/C/R and surround/rear); 4 x C380-IDC in-ceiling speakers (height); 1 x Radius 380 subwoofer
Denon: AVC-X6500H 11-channel AV receiver
Sky: Sky Q
Apple: Apple TV
Microsoft: Xbox One X br /> Amazon: Fire TV 4K
Philips: Hue Lighting

A Philips Hue installation, around a tray ceiling housing projector, motorised screen and Atmos speakers, allows for custom lighting scenes

Pure Theatre's CR50 projector lift is fully motorised, and able to accommodate large 4K models, such as this cinema's Epson EH-TW9400. Minimum void depth is 210mm, easily reached here via a new drop ceiling

Used for the L/C/R channels (plus surround and rears), Monitor Audio's W380-IDC is a three-way in-wall speaker with 8in bass driver and coaxial tweeter/mid-range array. They're fitted here in a custom cabinet alongside the Denon AVR and source hardware