Home cinema install: You only live once...

When a James Bond fanatic approached Portugal-based installer Consexto to create a luxury home cinema, he gave the company a licence to thrill. And he also wanted to show off his Aston Martin car collection...

After an extensive design and build process, the finished room rocks an 11.8.4 sound system, 4K HDR projection and an innovative seating arrangement that Q would be proud of.

Premium Bond
The hardware specification hints at a system price tag with plenty of zeroes (as does the overall aesthetic). JBL Synthesis's flagship Project Everest DD67000 loudspeakers (yours for £35,000 a piece) are used for the LCR channels, complemented by eight JBL Synthesis SCL-3s on surround duty and overhead channels via 'invisible' speakers from Stealth Acoustics. Then for the low-end, there's an eight-strong mix of in-wall subwoofers from JBL Synthesis.

A double kit-rack in an adjacent boot room houses a Trinnov Altitude32 processor, and a mix of JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson power amps – the LCR speakers each get a 2 x 250W feed.

It's also a room with a number of smart touches. For example, of the six overhead speakers only four are part of the cinema sound setup – the other two are used for announcements from the Control4 home automation system, and scene-setting messages, such as ‘Welcome Mr Bond’ as you enter.

The piece de resistance, however, is surely the seating system. The room can deliver three different configurations – with associated speaker EQs marshalled by the Trinnov Altitude processor – for three, seven or 11 people. When transitioning from seven to 11, the front row of seating automatically moves forward and another row emerges from a cavity under the floor.

Explains Benoit Munoz from Trinnov: 'Some of our clients and partners are simply next level...'

A Barco Loki dual-laser 4K projector works with a Kaleidescape Strato player and Vault server to deliver images to the four-way masking projector screen.

We're told that when he's at home the owner uses the cinema room every day. And he's no doubt anxiously waiting for No Time to Die.

Installer Info


Kit Checklist

Barco: Loki dual laser 4K HDR DLP projector
Screen Research: X-Mask 160in four-way masking projector screen with ClearPix 4K fabric
JBL Synthesis: 3 x Project Everest DD67000 (LCR); 8 x SCL-3 (surrounds); 4 x S2S-EX (subwoofers); 4 x SSW-4 (subwoofers); 3 x SDA 8300 power amplifiers (8 x 300W); 2 x SDA 4600 power amplifiers (4 x 600W)
Mark Levinson: 3 x No.534 power amplifiers (2 x 250W)
Stealth Acoustics: 6 x LRX-83 (overheads)
Trinnov Audio: Altitude32 audio processor
Kaleidescape: Strato 4K player and vault
Sony: PlayStation 4
Audioquest: Niagara 5000 power conditioner
Pakedge: WR-1 wireless router

The install project also finds space for the owner's car collection, complete with James Bond gun-barrel lighting effect

For an eye-catching decoration, Consexto concocted this mirrored Aston Martin logo. The ceiling also hides six invisible Stealth Acoustics speakers

The bespoke reclining seats have integrated lamps and hidden drinks cabinets

When more seats are needed, the front row slides forward and a second row rises up from the floor

The left rack houses sources (including the Kaleidescape server) and networking, while the right rack is devoted to power and processing