Home cinema install: Stellar home cinema cellar

When the owners of this house scheduled a major refurbishment, they realised it provided an opportunity to transform an under-used basement storage area into their dream cinema. West Sussex-based installer Aktivworld was tasked 
with delivering the project.

Following demonstrations, the specs of the system started to come together. For the desired Dolby Atmos audio, Aktivworld chose KEF THX-certified Ci series speakers (appreciated for their wide dispersion), plus Definitive Technology subwoofers, in an enveloping 7.4.4 setup. The in-wall and in-ceiling models are fitted in custom-built sealed cabinets, made in accordance with KEF's optimum internal volume specifications, and finished with custom speaker grilles.

Driving the cinema is a Marantz AV8805 processor, a pair of Marantz MM8077 power amplifiers, and two KEF KASA500 subwoofer amps. Aktivworld rates this combo for its 'powerful bass and high-level of precision.' Walls and 
ceiling are acoustically treated both to improve performance and limit sound leakage to the rest 
of the property.

A ceiling-mounted Epson EH-LS10500 laser projector provides 4K HDR images from sources including TV, Blu-ray and games. The projector screen is a 119in fixed-frame 16:9 model.

Ensuring easy operation of the hardware 
and smart lighting was vital, so a URC system, comprising MRX-10 hub and touchscreen controller with a bespoke user interface, was employed.

The cinema uses a 7.4.4 speaker array, with passive speakers finished with custom grilles and subwoofers housed in-wall

The room's two FrontRow seats (found on the front row...) feature motorized recline and USB charging points

As well as providing the brightness and contrast punch needed for its HDR playback, the laser light source in Epson's EH-LS10500 PJ has a lifespan rated up to 30,000 hours

A double kit rack from Sanus, located next to the cinema's entrance door, houses system amplifiers, processing, control and source hardware, including Sky Q Mini boxes and a HEOS multizone controller for the rest of the house

Installer Info


Kit Checklist

KEF: 3 x Ci5160RL (LCR); 4 x Ci3160RL (surrounds); 4 x Ci200QR (height); 2 x KASA500 subwoofer amplifiers
Definitive Technology: 4 x IWSub10/10 in-wall subwoofers
Marantz: AV8805 processor; 2 x MM8077 power amplifiers
Sony: PlayStation 4; UBP-X1000ES 4K Blu-ray player
Euroscreen: Custom-made 119in 16.9 projection screen
Epson: EH-LS10500 4K HDR laser projector
Sky: Sky Q PVR
URC: MRX-10 Total Control 2.0 system hub; TDC-7100 touchscreen controller
Front Row: 2 x cinema seats