Home cinema install: Dutch courage

Netherlands-based install outfit Home Cinema Experience faced a few challenges to get this cinema ready to roll, particularly the shape of the initial room which meant both an entirely new wall and acoustic treatments were required. Fortunately, says installer Sebastiaan Kahle, the owner – who wanted a relaxing space to enjoy movies and music – put faith in their ability: 'After a presentation with [speaker brand] Procella we had a great conversation in our showroom... and were given a free rein.'

Technical plans outlining the cinema's eventual 11.1.4 speaker setup were created with the help of Procella and Trinnov Audio – whose Altitude32 processor was selected as 'the only choice to support the speaker configuration' – and provided the owner with a clear vision of what was to be delivered. Added to the hardware mix was a JVC 4K projector, 3m-wide projector screen and Oppo, Apple and media PC source gear.

The installers say they identify the five 'key elements' of a home cinema as audio, video, control, acoustics and interior, and the latter two certainly make their presence felt here. Side and rear walls feature Artnovion acoustic treatments that function as a design feature too, complementing the timber framework and soft furnishings.

Installer Info

Home Cinema Experience

Kit Checklist

JVC: DLA-RS640 4K HDR projector
Screen Excellence: 3m-wide fixed-frame projector screen
Trinnov: Altitude32 16-24 AV processor
Procella Audio: 3 x DA-05DSP amplifiers; 1 x DA-06DSP amplifier; 3 x P610 speakers (LCR); 2 x P5V (front wide); 4 x P5V (surround); 2 x P5V (rear); 4 x P5iW (height); 1 x P18 subwoofer
Lab gruppen: 3 x E10.4 power amplifiers
Oppo: UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player
Apple: Apple TV 4K
Shuttle: Fanless multimedia PC
Furmann: 2 x power management systems
Elan: Control system
Artnovion: Acoustic treatments

Home Cinema Experience