Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity [Grindhouse Collection] review

Is there more to this '80s flick than a great name? We bet it will be fun finding out...

With a title like that, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity carries with it a weight of expectation that - to be fair - it never really had a chance of truly living up to. This sci-fi version take on Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game stars Elizabeth Kaitan and Cindy Beal as Daria and Tisa, a pair of bikini-clad prisoners who break out of their cell, steal a spaceship and ending up crashing on a nearby planet. There our nubile heroines meet the seemingly friendly Zed (Don Scribner), who invites them to come and stay with him in his fortress home. But it soon becomes clear that Zed has a secret hobby – hunting his guests in the surrounding jungle and mounting their heads as trophies on his walls.

Naturally, it’s not what you could call a 'good' film in the traditional sense of the word. The acting is awful, the sets are flimsy (watch the wall wobble when the mutant is killed towards the end of the film) and Zed’s robot helpers constantly make the most annoying whirring and clanking noise ever committed to film. But, on the flipside, Elizabeth Kaitan and Cindy Beal are both very easy on the eye, there’s a cool looking mutant to mix things up and Brinke Stevens also turns up join the hunt in yet another teeny-tiny bikini.

Picture: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity comes to DVD with a perfectly reasonable open matte 1.37:1 transfer. Colours are stable and well-resolved, black levels are fair and (despite a slightly soft ‘80s sheen) the image holds a modest amount of detail. As is always the case with these films, the big issue is really the state of the source material rather than the DVD transfer itself.
Picture rating: 3/5

Audio: The disc’s Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack is a fairly crisp affair, which ensures that all of the dialogue is always audible (although whether that’s actually a good thing or not is open to debate). Foley effects and music also hold up quite well, although there’s not exactly a huge amount of dynamic range to be found.
Audio rating: 2.5/5

Extras: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity is joined on this Grindhouse Collection DVD release by its original trailer, a short animated gallery of poster/cover art and the 74-minute bonus film, Famous T&A. This rather 1982 compilation film is hosted by Sybil Danning and features various clips of actresses such as Brigitte Bardot and Ursula Andress taking their clothes off.
Extras rating: 2/5

We say: It doesn't manage to live up to its title, but there's still some fun to be had with this vintage slice of '80s exploitation cinema

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