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Are you an undiscovered film-making talent? If so, Virgin Media want you! Now in its fifth year, Virgin Media Shorts has become the biggest short film making competition in the UK, giving both established and emerging British film makers a high profile platform to showcase their work.

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One of a trio of soundbars in Sharp’s latest lineup, the £120 HT-SL50 purports to be the world’s slimmest, at just an astonishing 26mm high. I don’t have a tape measure to hand and access to every other ‘bar on the planet, so I’ll have to take its word for it.

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A century after he first appeared in print, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ sci-fi hero has finally made the leap to the silver screen. Unfortunately, despite all of its flashy CG wizardry, John Carter can’t help but feel vaguely old-fashioned.

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Legendary US purveyor of b-movies Troma Entertainment is celebrating its anniversary by giving its fans an extremely generous gift - free films!

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The reputation of Hugh Hudson's award-winning film about real life athletes Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, who competed for Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics, has come under fire over the past decade. The film has become an easy target for those who wish to condemn the kind of 'heritage cinema' that the UK film industry has struggled to escape from in recent times.

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With Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation on his resume, McG certainly knows hand to handle action movies – and his latest flick, This Means War, has just hit Blu-ray in the UK promising more of the same. Starring Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as rival CIA operatives fighting over the same woman, it’s perfect popcorn fodder. Just how we like it...

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If you’re serious about home cinema, then buying an AVR and speakers separately is usually the way to go. But sometimes the idea of getting everything in one fell swoop is too convenient to resist.

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If your attic is currently used to store Christmas decorations, old Scalextric sets and musty suitcases, it’s fair to say you aren’t putting it to its best use. Maybe the sight of this alluring loft-based home cinema will spur you on to build your own top-floor movie den.

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The Aventage range represents the current high-end in AVR design from Yamaha. Combining bomb-proof build quality with brilliant DSP, they are arguably the most exciting new home theatre arrivals from the brand since the launch of the outrageously over-specified RX-Z11 THX battle-cruiser back in 2008.