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Orbitsound is a relatively new company with only one thing on its mind – making speakers. Its product range runs to soundbars and iPod speakers. And that’s it. With that in mind, you’d expect its T12v3 soundbar and sub combo to be more than a match for rival products from brands with other things on their minds.

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Anyone who’s seen Rocky 5 or A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child can attest that the fifth in a series rarely lives up to the original. But hopefully Mercury V – the fifth generation of Tannoy’s budget hi-fi and AV speaker series – won’t fall into that trap.

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Inoffensive is probably the best word to describe this latest film from Almost Famous-helmer Cameron Crowe. Based (extremely) loosely on the story of Dartmoor Zoological Park owner Benjamin Mee, Crowe’s slightly sappy flick shifts the tale to the US and – via the medium of cute animals and even cuter kids – makes it all about the importance of family.

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Universal appears to be throttling back a little on its fondness for digital filtering if this latest catalogue release is any indication. While there are still signs of artificial smoothing in the AVC 1.85:1 1080p hi-def transfer, there’s also plenty of grain and fine detailing on show.

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Having staked a claim as Hollywood’s modern master of crime cinema with 2007’s Zodiac, David Fincher returns to the genre for this English-language adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s bestseller.

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With 3D’s appeal apparently fizzing out for some, our geekometers are pointing towards 4K resolutions as being one of the next big things in AV.

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Philips has taken time out from making feature-rich TVs to grab a slice of the growing music streamer market, bring some considerable design flair to the party. The Wi-Fi enabled NP3700 picks off tunes from devices on your network (or from ‘net radio services and Napster) and pumps them out of its built-in stereo speakers.

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As part of its ongoing 100th anniversary celebrations, Universal Pictures has announced a Blu-ray boxset containing eight chilling classics that pioneered the horror genre.

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When Philips offloaded its TV division to Chinese manufacturer TPV a year ago, it seemed like it was game over for the idiosyncratic Dutch brand. Battered by declining global demand and hampered by a year without Freeview HD, some thought it had finally decided to throw in the towel.

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Psychological horror is a tricky thing to pull off in a videogame. But it’s something that the first couple of games in the Silent Hill series managed with aplomb. Unfortunately, recent years haven’t been quite so kind to the franchise, with a greater emphasis being placed on combat at the cost of the more subtle chills that once proved so effective.