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Presumably due to some sense of loyalty to the Underworld franchise (and series creator/husband Len Wiseman), Kate Beckinsale has been persuaded to get her leather catsuit out of mothballs and return to the role of gun-totting vampire vixen Selene. But, in all honesty, she needn’t have bothered.

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The Ridge Racer franchise has always been about one thing and one thing only – drift racing through city streets. No matter what instalment in the series you played, the basic set-up was the same: jam your finger down on the accelerator and never let go, carrying as much speed as possible into every corner as you modulate your braking to powerslide around every bend in the road.

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If I was able to trade body parts for AV goodies I would already be the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. But whilst I rolled around limbless on the floor I wouldn’t think twice about proffering a major organ for Bryston’s SP3 processor. Not only is it really rather special but, at ten grand, it’s the only way I am ever likely to afford one…
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People in the home cinema industry – manufacturers, PRs and the like – know me for being keen on mad, huge potent audio. Giant 18in subwoofers and speakers the size of Stonehenge. I think they sometimes forget that I am also impressed by the delicate and the clever. So much so, that with this set of skinny tower-style speakers, all housed in an aluminium toothpaste-tube squeezed-out extrusion, I could feel palpable fear from the PR chap as he kept on politely enquiring how I was ‘getting on’ with the Revel Concerta speaker system.

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The glory days of the film noir were long gone by the time director Roman Polanski joined forces with screenwriter Robert Towne in 1973 to craft a gripping thriller about corruption, deceit and murder in ‘30s Los Angeles. The film they concocted became one of the defining movies of the genre – a remarkable thriller powered by astonishing performances and themes that still resonate today. Cinema rarely gets much better than this.

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North by Northwest and Psycho. Other than the fact they were both directed by Alfred Hitchcock, what else links these two movies?

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This fourth outing in this enduring franchise finds director Brad ‘The Incredibles’ Bird making a successful jump from animation to live action with an enjoyable tale of international espionage.

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With a turnover exceeding $4bn and a portfolio of brands that includes AKG, JBL, Infinity, Lexicon and Mark Levinson, Harman is not exactly small potatoes in the deep fat fryer of consumer electronics. But in this part of the market – all-in-one systems – its Harman Kardon sub-brand has to compete against the AV giants of Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony. And because it can’t match those box-shifters on price or features, it needs to out-do them in performance and desirability.

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Walt Disney Home Entertainment has confirmed that Avengers Assemble will be exploding onto Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on September 17 - one week prior to the US release.