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Tangled is typical of Disney’s approach to a classic fairy tale. Gone are the darker elements of the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel, and in its place we have a sprightly CG-animated romp full of musical numbers, romance, life lessons and cute animal sidekicks. But, as past Disney classics have shown, that’s no bad thing. Nobody does this sort of film better than the ‘House of Mouse’, and Tangled is yet another modern classic, delivered plenty of laughs, action and heart for all the family.

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The Green Hornet is undoubtedly a disappointment for fans of both the masked vigilante himself and of inventive filmmaker Michel ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ Gondry. With Gondry at the helm and a slimmed down Seth Rogen playing the Hornet, you might at least have hoped for something truly unusual. But instead what we have is a pretty standard mix of comic book action and tired comedy antics, with virtually none of the visual flair or creativity we’d been hoping for.

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13 Assassins

Remake of: Jûsan-nin no shikaku

Remaking classic movies isn’t solely the preserve of Hollywood – as this Japanese gem shows.

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A war movie unlike any other you’ve ever seen, Steven Spielberg’s latest casts a horse called Joey as its central character and uses this idea to explore the impact the animal has on the various people it encounters on both sides of the conflict. It’s an intriguing notion and one that has worked both as a children’s book and, particularly, on stage where it has picked up numerous awards.

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Set-top box maker Echostar has launched a new Freeview HD PVR which it claims is the world's slimmest.

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The bigger brother of the TX-NR709 (reviewed in HCC 202), Onkyo’s TX-NR1009 boasts a bulkier frame, greater muscle and a fuller spec sheet – including a claimed 9 x 180W power output (into 6Ohms) and DTS Neo:X, the latest audio mode to deliver extra front height and width channels.

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US home theatre brand Runco is not generally associated with aggressive pricing. In fact, its most famous, compromise-free products belong squarely in the ‘if you need to ask how much it costs it’s not for you’ stratosphere. Today, though, I’m rather excited - and extremely startled - to be testing a Runco-branded projector that even I could just about imagine affording.

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During the golden age of cinema, the so-called ‘studio system’ ensured Hollywood could monopolise the biggest stars of the era to guarantee box office returns. Today, audiences are more fickle. Even A-listers can be a gamble. If you want to put bums on seats, shift Blu-rays by the bucket load and rack up those streaming receipts, then you need heroes. Really big ones, preferably with iron suits, hammers and shields. And if you’ve got a Hulk, that helps too.

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Once synonymous with blank audio cassettes, TDK has made a welcome return from the industrial wilderness to the consumer arena with a range of quality headphones.

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It’s a good time to be a fan of classic Doctor Who right now. Not only did we have the news about the rediscovery of two missing episodes at the end of last year, but the DVD range is also getting closer to the end, with fewer than 15 complete serials still awaiting release at the time of writing.