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Priced at £1,350, Epson’s EH-TW6000 appears a clone of the award-winning EH-TW5900, which can be bought for just £1,000. Despite the price gulf, the two are very similar in specification, yet differ in a couple of key areas.

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Few people class this feature as one of Disney’s animated classics. Typical of the studio’s output in the ‘80s, The Fox and the Hound feels both old-fashioned and unimaginative. But is that really an excuse for not putting much effort into its Blu-ray release?

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Having reigned in his more outrageous sensibilities for the sublime 13 Assassins this live-action update of a ‘70s anime series lets director Miike Takashi cut loose once again, filling the screen with manic action and CG effects. The resulting film is a bit too smutty for kids and is too tongue-in-cheek for fans of the original Yatterman ‘toon, so I’m at a loss to guess who exactly it’s aimed at.

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AV enthusiasts have long argued the merits of interconnects, debating the pros and cons of construction and the relative benefits different cables bring to sound and vision. But when streaming from networked devices and across the ‘net itself, the very nature of what constitutes AV cabling is thrown into the air. When Wi-Fi and Ethernet are the required delivery systems, black art babbling gives way to more practical concerns.

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Swedish and Danish cops are forced into working together when a woman's bisected body is found in the middle of a busy bridge linking the two countries. What follows are ten episodes of high-quality Nordic noir, made even more compelling by Sofia Helin’s mesmerising turn as the socially-awkward detective Saga Norén. Roll on series two...

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Great. I have spent the last 20 years building and writing about state-of-the-art home cinema and we get a renaissance in black-and-white silent movies!

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The past few years have seen Liam Neeson transformed into Hollywood’s most unexpected action hero. While The Grey is more thoughtful and meditative than, say Taken, it still gives the actor plenty of tough-guy dialogue to work with, playing one of seven survivors of a plane crash trying to avoid being eaten by a pack of wolves in the Alaskan wilderness. Even if it isn’t quite the wolf-punching action flick the trailer promised, this is still a superior thriller with yet another star turn from its leading man.

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As soon as you clap eyes on the 55LM660T you’ll be impressed. By any stretch of the imagination, it’s one heck of a looker. Not least because its bezel is, well, hardly there. In fact, when the TV’s off, the way the black colour of what small amount of bezel there is blends with the blackness of the screen means the set appears to only have the slightest trace of silvery trim wrapped around its extreme outer edges. Spectacular.

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Sometimes I have so much fun reviewing loudspeakers and cinema systems that I actually get guilt attacks. This review, of the third iteration of Focal’s Viva Utopia, was one of those occasions...