Miike Takashi's back! And this time he brought a giant robot with missile-firing nipples!

Having reigned in his more outrageous sensibilities for the sublime 13 Assassins this live-action update of a ‘70s anime series lets director Miike Takashi cut loose once again, filling the screen with manic action and CG effects. The resulting film is a bit too smutty for kids and is too tongue-in-cheek for fans of the original Yatterman ‘toon, so I’m at a loss to guess who exactly it’s aimed at.

That said, I found it quite enjoyable in a very daft way – and there’s no denying that it both looks and sounds great in hi-def thanks to the eye-poppingly colourful AVC 2.40:1 1080p encode and bombastic DTS-HD MA 5.1 sonics (Japanese with English subtitles). Bonus features take the form of a teaser trailer, two behind-the-scenes featurettes (Rehearsals and Filming and Set and Costume Design), a trio of very short interviews, a Cannes Film Festival Promo and a stills gallery.

Eureka, Region B BD, £20 Approx, On sale now