The Fox and the Hound

Disney's unlikely animal chums could do with a little more TLC in hi-def...

Few people class this feature as one of Disney’s animated classics. Typical of the studio’s output in the ‘80s, The Fox and the Hound feels both old-fashioned and unimaginative. But is that really an excuse for not putting much effort into its Blu-ray release?

Disney collectors are unlikely to be wowed by this Blu-ray’s AVC 1.66:1 1080p encode, taken from a rather worn-looking source print desperately in need of restoration. At least the DTS-HD MA 5.1 holds up rather better in a home cinema environment. The sole extra included on the Blu-ray (a short featurette about unlikely animal friends) won’t appeal to anyone over the age of five.

Walt Disney, All-region BD, £20 Approx, On sale now