The 1990s sci-fi classic remade for modern gamers - but has something gone missing along the way?

Released in the early 1990s, Bullfrog’s isometric squad-based shooter Syndicate is still fondly remembered by former Amiga and PC owners as one of the genuine high points of 16bit computer gaming. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the same kind of legendary status awaits this reinvention of the franchise.

Gone, rather unsurprisingly, is the iconic isometric God’s-eye view, and in its place we have yet another First-Person Shooter. It’s an entirely predictable and completely unnecessary change And given the franchise’s dystopian sci-fi setting and focus on warring corporations this change of gameplay style simply invites comparisons with the far superior Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Still, on a positive note, the updated Syndicate comes accompanied by some novel gameplay tweaks and solid shooting mechanics, thanks to the involvement of Starbreeze (makers of the excellent Chronicles of Riddick games). The biggest addition being the ability to ‘hack’ enemy soldiers, forcing them to commit suicide and (hopefully) take several of their compatriots with them.

It also doesn’t hurt that this update of Syndicate is an incredibly good looking game, boasting a unique and surprisingly colourful graphical style that looks truly sensational on the big screen.

Electronic Arts, Xbox 360/PS3/PC, £50 Approx, On sale now