Godzilla review

Being huge fans of the Godzilla films, the idea of taking control of Japan's King of the Monsters and rampaging through cities while doing battle with some of his most iconic enemies sounded like videogame nirvana. However, after sitting down with Namco Bandai's new Godzilla game for a few hours, there was only one thing on our mind: how had the developer got everything so disastrously wrong?

If there's one thing that a Godzilla game shouldn't be, it's dull. But that's the main feeling that this game's central 'God of Destruction' mode engenders as you are repeatedly tasked with stomping your way through cities in order to destroy a series of power generators. Trust us, there's nothing exciting about bashing a building with your tail over and over again.

Now, things do get a little more interesting when other giant kaiju turn up to do battle, but that's mainly due to the unresponsive controls and buggy combat replacing the usual feeling of boredom with one of teeth-grinding frustration. Add to that the blocky graphics and murky textures and you have a gaming disaster of Godzilla-like proportions.

Godzilla, Namco Bandai, PS4/PS3, £50 approx