DriveClub review

This PS4-exclusive racer certainly looks like a supercar, but how does it handle?

Visually beautiful and refreshingly accessible, DriveClub is an automotive sim with an arcade bent, and as such it’s a tad more fun than Forza. You start with a hot hatch and work your way up to better wheels. Racing solo, progressing from Rookie to Legend, takes some time to unlock the best cars – in multiplayer mode, you’ll make far faster progress.

Up to six players can race against each other online as part of a club, and compete in mini challenges. Generally speaking, the psychics are excellent but not ruinously punishable. If you want to demolition derby you can , but you lose points for damage. However, the game is ultimately lacking in flourish and features. Burnout it isn’t, and that’s a problem when it comes to longevity.

On the plus side, the graphics are borderline sensational. Vehicles gleam with a photorealistic sheen and the backgrounds are detailed and lush. It’s so nice you might well want just want to spend a Sunday afternoon poodling around the imaginary tracks and soaking up the scenery.

DriveClub, Sony Computer Entertainment, PS4, £55 Approx