Remember Me review

Play around with other people's memories in Capcom's memorable new sci-fi actioner

The year is 2084 and in the city of Neo-Paris more than 99 per cent of the population now uploads and shares its memories thanks to a brain implant called the Sensation Engine (Sensen). Given the device's other abilities to alter or remove memories altogether, its developer Memorize has been able to take control of the populace and turn the city into a surveillance state under its strict control. Fighting against them is a small band of rebels known as Errorists, which is where you come into the picture…

This third-person action-adventure casts players in the role of Nilin, an Errorist who escapes from Memorize's clutches after having most of her memories erased. Guided through the city by your mysterious saviour Edge, you must try to rediscover the missing fragments of your memory – which basically boils down to climbing around the Neo-Paris cityscape and getting involved in punch-ups with various enemies. From time to time you also get the chance to hack into opponents' memories and spool through them looking for glitches to exploit in order to change them. Elements like this, and the game's beautiful and distinctive visual style, go towards making amends for frustrating gameplay shortcomings such as the limited move-set and occasionally obtrusive camera placement. Not a flawless game then, but definitely a memorable one.

Remember Me, Capcom, Xbox 360/PS3/PC, £40 Approx