Hitman: Absolution

Agent 47 is back doing what he does best - sneaking around and dressing up in silly costumes

The Hitman franchise is a curious thing. Strip away the glossy hi-def graphics and dollops of ultra-violence and you're left with a glorified puzzle game. And this fifth addition to the series is no different.

Indeed, Hitman: Absolution's biggest problems come when it strays from the franchise's roots. These more action-packed missions strip away the freedom and decision-making that makes the traditional trial-and-error approach to the series so rewarding, replacing it with more cinematic material that lacks the fluidity of the rest of the game.

But even if …Absolution loses focus at times, it's still good fun. And it also implements some surprisingly smart competitive online features that extend its life-span beyond the storyline.

Square Enix, Xbox 360/PS3/PC, £45 Approx, On sale now