The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

If there's one thing that sets this latest Spider-Man spin-off above all the others that followed in the wake of 2004's superb Spider-Man 2, it's the way in which it gets the web-swinging mechanism spot-on. Mapping the web shooters to their corresponding shoulder buttons makes swinging through the streets of the game's virtual Big Apple an absolute joy. Sadly, the rest of the experience falls a little short.

Overlapping with the events of the recent film (albeit with a huge Gwen Stacy-sized hole), the game predominantly focuses on Spidey getting caught up in a gang war involving a host of familiar faces from the comics, including Kingpin, Black Cat, Kraven and even Carnage. Between levels you're left to tackle side-missions spread around the open world map in an effort to keep the forces of law and order off your back. All of which is moderately entertaining – if rather repetitive where the side-missions are concerned (rescue citizens from yet another burning building? Hmm…).

And there are a number of problems holding it back. Combat tries to ape that of Arkham Asylum only to fall way short. And many of the character models are surprisingly ugly, even on the next-gen Xbox One. All of which makes this latest Spider-Man videogame, once again rather more 'Adequate' than 'Amazing.'

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Activision, Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/PS4/PC, £45 Approx