InFamous: Second Son review

Is this the game that PS4 owners have been crying out for? Possibly. This loose sequel to inFamous 2, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and exclusive to Sony's next-gen console, is a graphical tour de force that makes the most of the processing power on offer, painting a gorgeous, spookily-lit eye-opening open-world Seattle for gamers to gad about in.

Like its predecessors, InFamous: Second Son uses a third-person perspective to put players in control of the parkour-skilled, superpowered ('Conduit') protagonist – in this case a young waif called Delsin Rowe. Gaming generally revolves around roaming the city, building up your powers and doing battle with series baddies the Department of Unified Protection (or just pratting around blowing up cars and leaping off buildings, if you want). With Rowe's weird powers, particularly smoke-related weapons, combat is fresh and exciting, but the plot here isn't the most intriguing, nor is the game the most challenging. Thankfully, the option to play as either a hero or anti-hero goes some way to doubling its running time.

But this is really all about the graphics –these visuals are, at times, simply awe-inspiring. PS4 owners should put it on their shopping list just for that.

InFamous: Second Son, Sony Computer Entertainment, PS4, £60 Aprox