Call of Duty: Ghosts review

The world's biggest shooter takes a step into the future as it joins the next-generation

Another year, another Call of Duty. The difference this year is that not only does …Ghosts mark the debut of a new sub-brand for the world's biggest first-person shooter franchise, but it's also our first taste of how the series has adapted to next-gen consoles.

In truth, very little has changed. Set in the near future, the game's single-player campaign sees the US devastated by a hijacked orbital weapon and invaded by the Federation – a group of unified South American states. So, aided by your brother and his dog you join a group of high-tech super soldiers (the titular Ghosts) in the hope of winning back your country.

While this is all a lot of fun, it's a real shame that …Ghosts doesn't try anything really different, especially as the opening level plays out as both an interactive version of Gravity and a first-person disaster movie, both of which promise more than the game ever delivers. Thankfully, the excellent gameplay mechanics ensure that the multiplayer side of Call of Duty is as strong as ever – and the alien-busting 'Extinction' mode is hugely entertaining. Graphically the game is also a smash, particularly on the PS4, where the razor-sharp 1080p graphics are so good it can be a distraction. And, while we'd have liked to see something a little more original, for many gamers this will be more than enough.

Call of Duty Ghosts, Activision, Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/PS4/Wii U/ PC, £50 Approx