Triton AX Pro Dolby 5.1 Headphones review

Real-deal multichannel cans Genuine 5.1 from any Dolby Digital source? Steve May plugs in

These surround sound headphones ship with their own Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder module and employ a quartet of dedicated channel drivers in each ear cup. Peel away one of the felt pads and you’ll uncover a pair of 30mm drivers, one for the front left/right and the other for a surround channel, plus a 23mm driver for the centre and a large 40mm driver to handle the .1 LFE.


The system is compatible with any surround sound source. Run an optical lead from your chosen component into the AX pro DD5.1 decoder; this then feeds the speaker drivers via a 4m cable.

The AX Pro headphones are well built and substantial, with firm padded cups and head rail.

The resulting surround experience is undeniably authentic. Dialogue is anchored mid-forehead while panned effects encircle your skull.

Aggressive surround mixes are surprisingly intense. The volume level of each individual channel is controlled by a lit in-line adjuster.

At their best with games. In-game Dolby Digital processing dynamically steers audio effects based on what you’re doing in the game.

The AX Pro headphones offer immersive multichannel sound. There’s a sense of purpose to their sound steerage which replicates a multi-speaker sound system.

The cans can be used with a Blu-ray/DVD player, Sky box etc or games console (Xbox 360, PS3).


While steerage is convincing, the sonic quality of the headphones is less so. Their timbre is more brutal than musical. Not for latenight classical listening.

While well built, the weight of the headphones becomes onerous after a while.

Triton AX Pro Dolby 5.1 Headphones
£150 Approx

Overall: 4/5