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Kicking off with the Dolby Atmos soundtrack of Hans Zimmer Live in Prague (Blu-ray), this package didn't disappoint. The encore of Time starts with Zimmer playing piano, before slowly building with the addition of cello, violins, Johnny Marr's electric guitar, a brass section, and vocals. It's a complex and subtle arrangement, and it sounded fantastic through the Boreas.

The floorstanders anchor the entire soundstage, delivering crisp high frequencies and a textured midrange that defines each instrument. They also give the drums depth without needing to resort to the subs. The rest of the array joins in, tight and responsive and ensuring all channels coalesce into a seamless whole. The upfiring BRA1s add some nice ambience to this live recording.

The 4K Blu-ray of Moonfall provided a sterner test. It has the kind of Atmos soundtrack for which the word dynamic was invented – frenetic, full-range and all-channels go. Triangle's speakers stepped admirably up to the plate, moving the myriad effects around the room with smart fluidity.

The sequence where a space shuttle launches through a massive tidal wave sounded amazing through this system, with the roaring engines digging deep (although my M&K subs were obviously doing heavy lifting here). But what the Boreas delivered was a sense of size, especially as the advancing water towers over the launch gantry. The splashing of gravity-defying liquid was rendered all around, and the BRA1s played their part in immersing me in the nonsense on screen.


All Borea speakers (except the Atmos units) feature bass reflex cabinets with front-facing ports

I was pleased to discover these speakers can deliver the grand scale required of today's blockbusters, but what of fine detail and dynamics? A Quiet Place Part II (4K Blu-ray) has an audio mix full of subtle cues that the speakers delivered sweetly, and dialogue was handled with a nuanced clarity, proving the BRC1 to be a capable centre speaker at a bargain price. The moment where one of our heroes is startled by a monster in a train carriage, meanwhile, arrived with gusto, revealing a punchy and agile overall performance. These speakers also seem easy to drive, so partner them with a decent receiver, and you'll be rewarded with a system that's fast, dynamic and composed.

Bang For Your Buck
If you're looking for a speaker system that's attractive and well-made, effectively delivers object-based audio, and isn't going to break the bank, then the Borea range is right up your Champs-Élysées. These sound well-balanced, are flexible when it comes to placement, and handle detail and scale with equal aplomb. Triangle may not be a brand you're immediately familiar with, but on this evidence it's only a matter of time before it's a household name.

HCC Verdict

Triangle Borea 5.0.2

Price: £1,799

We say: These capable and affordable speakers are easy to look at, easy to drive and easy to place. The performance is musical, dynamic and cohesive, and you won't find better at this price.

Overall: 5/5


Borea BR08
DRIVERS: 1 x 1in EFS silk dome tweeter; 1 x 6.25in midrange; 2 x 6.25in fibreglass woofers ENCLOSURE: Forward-ported bass reflex FREQUENCY RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 40Hz-22kHz (+/-3dB) SENSITIVITY (claimed): 92dB Impedance (claimed): 8ohm (nominal); 3ohm (minimum) POWER HANDLING (claimed): 150W DIMENSIONS (INCL. PEDESTAL): 260(w) x 1,051(h) x 360(d)mm WEIGHT: 18.9kg

Borea BRC1
DRIVERS: 1 x 1in EFS tweeter; 2 x 5in bass/mid ENCLOSURE: Forward-ported bass reflex FREQ. RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 57Hz-22kHz (+/-3dB) SENSITIVITY (claimed): 90dB Impedance (claimed): 8ohm (nominal); 5.3ohm (min) POWER HANDLING (claimed): 100W DIMENSIONS: 484(w) x 252(h) x 274(d)mm WEIGHT: 7.5kg

Borea BR03
DRIVERS: 1 x 1in EFS tweeter; 1 x 6.25in bass/mid ENCLOSURE: Forward-ported
bass reflex FREQ. RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 46Hz-22kHz (+/-3dB) SENSITIVITY (claimed): 90dB Impedance (claimed): 8ohm (nominal); 4.2ohm (min) POWER HANDLING (claimed): 100W DIMENSIONS: 206(w) x 380(h) x 314(d)mm WEIGHT: 6.0kg

Borea BRA1
DRIVERS: 1 x 1in EFS tweeter; 1 x 6.25in bass/mid ENCLOSURE: Sealed FREQ. RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 90Hz-22kHz (+/-3dB) SENSITIVITY (claimed): 89dB Impedance (claimed): 8ohm (nominal); 4.5ohm (min) POWER HANDLING (claimed): 80W DIMENSIONS: 206(w) x 180(h) x 300(d)mm WEIGHT: 3.6kg