TDK ST-700 headphones review

Treat your ears to a little comfort with these headphones from the former king of blank cassettes

Somewhat aping a style made popular by Monster and Dr Dre, the ST-700 features a 1in-wide headband that drops seamlessly on either side to form a disc-shape around the 4cm dynamic drivers. The hinged cups fold for storing in the sturdy carry bag.

TDK uses a two-part cord, comprised of 79cm and 48cm sections, so you can dispense of the longer one when using the ST-700 with a device tucked in your shirt pocket.


The tonal emphasis is perhaps a tad bass-heavy, but overall, sonic reproduction across the dynamic spectrum is excellent. Higher frequency sounds in particular are crisp and coherent. Vocals truly shine.

Build quality is first rate. The ST-700 is made from high-quality materials with a scratch-resisting coating (with one exception – see below). The plugs are gold-plated and the anti-tangle cords have a tactile feeling.

The headband is rigid but the drivers can rock to and fro, allowing the cans to sculpt to the shape of your head, with soft-touch cushions ensuring a comfy fit. The ST-700’s sound containment is consequently excellent.


The tight fit can result in hot ear syndrome, especially if you wear the ‘phones for a long period. 

The overall excellence of the ST-700’s build quality and appearance is slightly let down by the faux gold and silver coating applied to the plastic driver covers. Not my cup of tea at all!

TDK ST-700
£130 Approx

Overall: 4/5