Tangled 3D

Disney works its fairy tale magic again with this fun-packed 3D update of Rapunzel

Tangled is typical of Disney’s approach to a classic fairy tale. Gone are the darker elements of the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel, and in its place we have a sprightly CG-animated romp full of musical numbers, romance, life lessons and cute animal sidekicks. But, as past Disney classics have shown, that’s no bad thing. Nobody does this sort of film better than the ‘House of Mouse’, and Tangled is yet another modern classic, delivered plenty of laughs, action and heart for all the family.

Picture: This set serves up two Blu-ray platters – one containing a ‘flat’ AVC 1.78:1 1080p encode, the other a stereoscopic MVC 1.78:1 1080p version. Suffice to say that whichever you opt to watch, the results are just breathtaking, benefiting from exquisitely rendered colours, superb detailing and remarkable clarity. None of this should be too surprising in the 2D version as we’re all familiar with the hi-def picture quality Disney has delivered for its CG animations in the past. But the 3D version looks just as good, if not slightly better thanks to the beautiful use of depth in the image. There are no annoying gimmicks poking you in the eye, instead Tangled simply wants to wrap you up in an intoxicatingly three-dimensional world full of moments of astonishing beauty like Chapter 8’s lantern scene.
Picture rating: 5/5

Audio: Tangled’s DTS-HD MA 7.1 soundtrack is every bit as three-dimensional as its imagery (unless you’re watching the 2D version, but you know what I mean). Sequences such as the escape from the tidal wave of water rushing through the broken dam in Chapter 6 make expansive and utterly thrilling use of the entire soundstage, boasting incredible precision in its audio placement and steering. And there’s also some surprisingly hefty bass at work in these scenes as well. Elsewhere, the musical numbers sound musically magnificent (even if the songs themselves really aren’t that hot) and the dialogue is silky smooth and beautifully rendered.
Audio rating: 5/5

Extras: Tangled marks a milestone for Disney, being the 50th of the studio’s animated features. So to celebrate the fact ithe studio has come up with what must surely be the thinnest collection of extras seen on a Disney animation release to date. There’s nothing at all on the 3D disc, while the 2D platter can only muster three deleted scenes in animatic form (one with a fortune telling monkey), two alternate openings, two extended songs, a 12min Making of… promo and a brief countdown of all 50 Disney animated features.
Extra rating: 2/5

We say: Disappointing extras aside, Disney has scored another hit with its Blu-ray treatment of this latest animated smash

Walt Disney Home Entertainment, All-region BD, £30 approx, On sale now