SIM2 unveils first 3D LED projector

New model boasts the shortest blanking time available on the market and does not need a lamp change.

SIM2 has unveiled the new M.150 projector. This combines the company's highly regarded 3D technology with an LED projection system. This consists of a trio of new, more powerful Phlatlight LED modules to act as both light and colour source for the DLP chipset. This LED light source lasts the projector’s entire life cycle of around 30,000 hours with very stable colour characteristics and an average lumen decay of less than 5%.

The benefits should also extend to performance. SIM2 says that M.150 has a Full On-Full Off contrast of 100,000:1, with the driver being able to turn off the LEDs to give totally black images during dark scenes if necessary. The 1000 Lumens brightness will also appear brighter than the output from a conventional lamp due to the difference between ‘white light’ brightness and ‘colour’ brightness. LED light sources produce much brighter and more saturated colours than traditional lamp sources and the human perception of brightness rises with this increased colour saturation.

As befits a SIM2 product the M.150 is well specified. Features include autocalibration, EasyLED 2.0 calibration software and its video interior design system. Autocalibration is performed by an always-on built-in sensor in the optical path that allows the projector to maintain a constant set colour gamut, even though LED emissions change with temperature and time.

The M.150 is available now for £19,995.