Samsung TA950 review

Do-it-all screen for 3D film fans Steve May checks out a mini version of Samsung’s high-end LED TVs

Samsung’s Series 9 TA950 drew big crowds when it was first unveiled at the 2011 CES. A hybrid 32in Freeview HD 3D TV and PC monitor, it’s a leading-edge screen for your desktop that offers all the functions of the brand’s high-end LED TVs. The design is inspired, with a panel that’s effectively suspended above its pedestal via a swooping right-hand bracket. This tilts backwards for a relaxed viewing position. Slimline 7W stereo speakers fire forwards from the front of the super-thin pedestal, while inputs are ranged along the rear. Just as on the brand’s regular TVs, the TA950 sports Samsung’s Smart Hub apps and IPTV portal, home to the BBC iPlayer YouTube, LOVEFiLM and the new and exclusive Explore 3D content channel.


The LED backlighting, which runs up the left and right sides of the panel, is very even – a benefit of the smallish screen size.

A sub-32in screen may seem inappropriate for 3D, but the fact that you’ll be sitting close to the monitor contributes greatly to the sense of immersion.

The smaller screen size also helps minimise crosstalk.

One pair of 3D spex is included.


Wi-fi isn’t integrated; you’ll need to use a Samsung dongle.

Despite offering S-RGB, there is no dedicated card slot to view your digital snaps directly.

The significance of the Smart Hub IPTV portal is reduced. As a monitor, all this content will be accessible via your connected PC anyway. The screen can also stream media across your network, although this function is also likely to be bettered by a connected PC.

Overall 4/5