Q Acoustics launches 'zero-clutter' E120 wireless sound system

Looking for an affordable music solution with some custom install je ne sais quoi? British hi-fi specialist Q Acoustics has released a wireless, wall-mountable audio system designed to partner hidden architectural speakers.

The company describes it as a 'zero-clutter' sound solution. The wall-mountable E120 is a compact (maybe not much bigger than a two-hour VHS tape?) stereo amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0 for music streaming; DAB+ and FM radio tuners; and digital optical and 3.5mm analogue audio inputs that allowing it to serve as an external sound system for a TV or other wired sound source. It features a 2 x 25W (into 6ohm) Class D power plant, said to be optimised for Q Acoustics' own loudspeakers.

Typical E120 installations might include a living room, bedroom (there’s an alarm function), or study, but it’s also IP54-rated, making it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or garden patio.

You can buy the E120 bundled with a variety of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, and all cabling – two 7m runs of QED speaker cable and a 5m power lead – is supplied (making it a nice little DIY project).

The system has a dual-mono output, via a manual switch, if you want to use it with a four-speaker setup in a larger room. A rear analogue audio out can be configured for a subwoofer, external power amplifier or even another E120 amp.

At your fingertips
Available in black and white finishes, Q Acoustic's hardware features a 3.2in screen, used to display track, artist and album, surrounded by touch sensitive controls, including five preset keys.

An internal light sensor automatically manages the brightness of the E120 display based on ambient levels, but you can also dim manually. Two remotes are supplied, one a full-function option, the other more basic but splashproof.

E120 system bundles start at £499, with the module and a stereo pair of Q Acoustics' Qi65CB in-ceiling speakers. Alternatively, you can opt to partner the E120 with a pair of Qi65C 'Professional' in-ceiling speakers for £569, or the Qi65RP 'Performance' in-walls for £699.

An E120 and stereo pair of weatherproof Qi65CW in-ceiling speakers, for showers, bathrooms and 'verandas', is priced at £649. Alternatively, there's a weatherproof in-wall option (Qi65EW) that will set you back £699.

If you already have speakers sorted, you can buy the E120 alone for £429.

See www.qacoustics.com for more info.