Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 3D review

Dull story + dull visuals = a stereoscopic sequel that is hard to get excited about

The first Percy Jackson film was one of the better Harry Potter knockoffs, but we doubt many people spent the past three years hoping for a sequel. Still, that's what we've got – and what a feeble affair it turns out to be, lacking the sparky dialogue that kept viewers interested between the CG-heavy action scenes. It also struggles to convince as a 3D proposition thanks to how dull much of the movie looks; in 2D it seems rather more attractive. Fittingly, the disc's meagre extras are just as forgettable as the main feature itself.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 3D, 20th Century Fox, All-region (2D) & Region A/B (3D) BD, £28 Approx