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This is also demonstrated during the climactic shootout in Wind River (Blu-ray), a brutal scene with a sound design as hard as a coffin nail. The Paradigm shows remarkable speed and dexterity, adding a well-timed subsonic thump to each gunshot. From the smaller handguns, to the larger shotguns, to the visceral slam of a 50-calibre sniper rifle, each hit is uniquely discernible.

The V12 is a perfectly capable and accomplished woofer in its own right, but post-ARC correction the overall delivery becomes that bit tighter and slightly better defined. It's not a massive difference (in my room) but the bass feels more integrated, with exacting control.

The road race in Ready Player One (UHD BD) features plenty of stonking bass moments: the wrecking ball, the T-Rex 'footsteps' and King Kong's sudden arrival. The V12 handles them with great aplomb, adding subterranean heft with split-second timing. The race has a range of complex effects competing for the sonic limelight, and this subwoofer not only articulates each one, but generates sufficient energy to ensure they have force and impact.


The Dolby Atmos soundmix on the 4K Blu-ray of Terminator: Dark Fate is less sound design and more sound destruction. It's bass-heavy, and liable to leave affordable subs a quivering wreck. Yet the V12 retains its composure under pressure, despite not hitting the crushing depths of larger drivers, or the overwhelming power of bigger amps. During the cargo plane crash sequence, it marshals each LF wave without descending into a muddy mess – and while this woofer lacks the ability to hit trouser-soiling depths, it's certainly enough for the average system.

A Controlled Bang For Your Buck
Overall, this is a genuinely impressive and competitively priced subwoofer from Paradigm that, aptly, showed defiance in the face of all the low-end provocation I threw at it. Control, nuance, detail and articulation aren't always what you get at this price point, let alone a natty smartphone app and useful room correction feature.

No doubt the step-up X12 model (which sells for £1,550) goes lower and harder, but that doesn't mean this £600 subwoofer isn't great value.

HCC Verdict

Paradigm Defiance V12

Price: £600

We say: A nuanced, if slightly underpowered performer, with refined bass proving the remote app and room correction are more than just high-tech gimmicks. Great price, too.

Overall: 4.5/5


DRIVERS: 1 x 12in forward-firing driver ENCLOSURE: Ported (downward-firing) FREQUENCY RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 23Hz-200Hz (+/-3dB) ONBOARD POWER (CLAIMED): 120W RMS (250W peak) Class D amp REMOTE CONTROL: No. Bluetooth app instead DIMENSIONS: 456(h) x 419(w) x 454(d)mm WEIGHT: 19.1kg

FEATURES: Anthem Room Correction (ARC); control app (iOS and Android); RCA line-level inputs (left and right/LFE); speaker level inputs (left and right); microUSB for ARC and firmware updates; level control; auto/on power mode; compatible with Defiance WT wireless kit