Optoma announces UHD51A 4K projector with Amazon Alexa voice control

Ever fancied chatting to your home cinema PJ?

Optoma has launched a new 4K projector with Amazon Alexa voice control in the UK. The UHD51A will sell for £1,550, and supports HDR10 playback in addition to its 3,840 x 2,160 projection skills.

When used in conjunction with an Amazon Alexa device (such as an Echo speaker), the PJ can respond to a range of commands, including on/off, input changes and control over its in-built 2 x 5W speaker system. Alexa can also be asked to navigate media content fed into the projector via USB.

Other specs of the UHD51A are a 2,400 Lumens rating and 100% coverage of the REC.709 colour space (the PJ will downscale wide colour info from UHD Blu-ray sources). Optoma’s PureMotion frame interpolation processing is on hand to improve motion clarity, while a 1.3x zoom and 10% vertical lens shift aid installation in your movie den. The projector’s throw ratio is 1.21-159:1.

Video connections are twin HDMI inputs (both with HDCP 2.2) and VGA. The UHD51A also packs a 3.5mm audio input; optical digital and 3.5mm audio outputs; USB ports (including a powered one for streaming dongles) and 12V trigger, Ethernet and RS-232 control terminals.

The PJ is also Full HD 3D compatible.

See Optoma UK for more info.