Monitor Audio unveils Cinergy range of home cinema loudspeakers

Monitor Audio has today announced Cinergy, a new 'premium cinema audio system' designed for dedicated rooms.

The range, which is certified THX Ultra, comprises three loudspeaker models and a passive subwoofer, all intended for either on-wall, in-wall or floor installation.

Monitor Audio says its 'highly adaptable' Cinergy series system has been engineered 'with the knowledge that no two installations are the same.' Therefore, the mid and tweeter driver arrays on the Cinergy 100, Cinergy 200 and Cinergy 300 speakers are all rotatable to allow for horizontal/vertical placement – and on the largest model, this array can be interchanged with one of the two bass drivers, for fine-tuning the sound profile.

Additionally, the speakers feature integrated handles, plus feet and isolation brackets to counter vibrations depending on installation method.

For this new high-end range, Monitor Audio has deployed its MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) tweeter design, previously found on its Platinum and Gold Series loudspeakers. This is joined by dedicated mid and bass drivers on all three models.

The Cinergy Sub15, meanwhile, features a 15in 'ultra-high-excursion' C-CAM woofer within a sealed cabinet with an in-wall-friendly 28cm depth. For power, this passive model will be sold with Monitor Audio's IA800-2C installation amplifier, which can support a pair of the Sub15's via its 2 x 800W-rated output.

Cinergy has been designed as a modular system giving flexibility to system builders not only regards installation but channel configuration. Monitor Audio's website outlines possible 7.2.2, 9.4.4 and 9.4.6 arrays, as well as something it describes as a 'sound wall' (pictured below), which makes use of the fact the Sub15 is half the height of the Cinergy 300 to stack four of the woofers within an L/C/R layout.

Pricing for Monitor Audio Cinergy has yet to be announced. The system will be on a 'static' demonstration at next week's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) custom install show in Barcelona.