LG unveils world's first 8K OLED TV

88in screen launched at IFA, brand says 8K market will reach 5 million units by 2022

LG says it is confident that 8K displays will reshape the TV industry as it showcases its first 8K OLED TV at this year's IFA technology expo in Berlin.

The TV, currently unnamed, uses an 88in OLED panel with a 7,680 x 4,320 pixel resolution. These 33 million self-emitting pixels 'produce the unmatched contrast ratio and true blacks that define OLED's iconic picture quality,' says the company.

Rival Samsung will also feature 8K models at its IFA 2018 stand, built around the company's QLED LCD technology. Naturally LG thinks it has the upper hand in the nascent 8K revolution, highlighting OLED's lack of a backlight: 'This allows for state-of-the-art TVs which redefine both picture quality and product design.'

'Not only was LG able to pioneer such technologies, but it was also able to successfully market them.'

LG expects the 8K TV market to reach more than 5 million units by 2022 – by which time there should be some 8K content consumers can actually watch. It also says OLED TV sales are set to double in this year, and 9 million by 2022.

There's no detailed specification yet, nor price or availability. Needless to say, when/if it does hit the consumer market, it won't be cheap...