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The brand's TruMotion frame interpolation technology has been unforgiving in the past, but on the C2 it represents another improvement.

The new star of the party is Cinematic Movement, which utilises interpolation techniques but doesn't give movies or TV dramas that slippery video look. LG says this tool 'dynamically manages' the level of frame merging, and uses clever content analysis to combat judder. The ratio between actual and interpolated frames is also biased to favour original frames, so that images always look realistic rather than overtly processed. This is frame interpolation I can live with. It's brilliant!

If you like overt motion smoothing, there's still Natural and Smooth. For those who despise it, there's the option of turning TruMotion completely off. There's even Black Frame Insertion, but I'd advise against using this to avoid noticeable flicker.


Hot keys on LG's revised Magic Remote cover Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Rakuten, plus Alexa and Google Assistant

There's plenty the OLED65C2 gets right when it comes to picture presets, although the brand won't be told on some familiar modes. Both Sports and Vivid are cut from the same cloth, with grossly oversaturated primaries. They are, to be honest, largely unwatchable.

But credit where credit's due. Natural and Eco, two sides of the same coin, work well with most content, and the set finds its filmic sweet spot with the Dolby Vision-triggered Cinema Home mode, which has plenty of contrast dynamism but still feels convincingly cinematic. Far more entertaining to watch than the UHD Alliance's Filmmaker Mode, Cinema Home lifts mid-tone luminance but keeps a firm grip on shadow detail.

To see the C2 at its lush best, give Back to 15 (Netflix) a stream. This Brazilian time-travel comedy/drama looks spectacular. Presented in Dolby Vision, it's a show that celebrates golden hour cinematography, with bright sunlit street locations that bask in the extra luminosity this panel has to offer. The colour palette, from the local gelato cafe to the crazed hues of its teen fashions, is also delicious, while the skin tones of the diverse cast are pore-perfect.

HDR support is wide but not comprehensive. In addition to Dolby Vision, there's HDR10 and HLG, but no HDR10+, as favoured by Prime Video. The omission is irritating, but I'd be loath to call it a deal breaker.

Audio-wise, the C2 does a fair job with its two-channel, 40W speaker config, although a screen of this calibre should be partnered with external gear. If this isn't an option, select AI Sound Pro during initial setup. This optimises audio based on genre identification (achieved through deep learning AI), and with Atmos content, to create a virtualised 7.1.2 soundstage. To listen without surround or voice emphasising effects, choose Standard.


A new composite chassis material reduces the TV's weight to 14.8kg (versus the 24kg of the 2021 C1 model)

OLED Refined
The OLED65C2 is expensive but impressive, given that LG has improved both picture quality and cosmetic design. That new Evo designation translates to better brightness and improved HDR handling, and the A9G5 processor has also opened the door to a slate of image refinements. Film fans are served by slick motion handling and a well-judged image preset, and gamers can take comfort from peerless hardware support. We truly like the C2. You will too n

HCC Verdict


Price: £2,699 

We say: A premium performer in every sense, LG's C2 is a stylish OLED with class-leading brightness and a processing engine that even makes SD look good. Pricey but close to perfect.

Overall: 5/5


4K: Yes. 3,840 x 2,160 HDR: Yes. HDR10; HLG; Dolby Vision TUNER: Yes. Freeview HD; satellite 4K/120 PLAYBACK: Yes CONNECTIONS: 4 x HDMI inputs; 3 x USB; Ethernet; optical audio output SOUND (CLAIMED): 40W, two-channel BRIGHTNESS (CLAIMED): N/A CONTRAST RATIO (CLAIMED): N/A DIMENSIONS (OFF STAND): 1,441(w) x 826(h) x 45.1(d)mm WEIGHT (OFF STAND): 14.8kg

FEATURES: Built-in Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; Alpha 9 Gen 5 processing engine; WebOS system with ThinQ AI; voice control; Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible; Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ; Game Optimizer; VRR; Nvidia G-Sync; AMD FreeSync; Auto Low Latency Mode; eARC; Freeview Play