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The good news is that the KF92 is capable of living up to KEF's bold claims. As Godzilla and Kong go at it like a pair of punch-drunk pugilists in downtown Hong Kong, this sub keeps pace with the action, bringing weight to the titans and ensuring every landed fist/claw hits like a sledgehammer. When the skyscrapers collapse around them it feels like an earthquake.

Those diametrically opposed drivers, although smaller individually than on a typical circa-£2k sub, work together to deliver the goods, generating bass that's deep, free of any colouration and seriously dynamic. At times I could literally feel those low frequencies, which came as a surprise considering the cabinet's 35cm cube dimensions.

While I doubt the KF92 reaches anywhere near KEF's claimed low of 11Hz at anything above a gnat's-whisper output, this sub can get below 20Hz, which is deep enough for any sane person. It's also worth noting the frequency response only goes up to 200Hz at the other end, so if you're the kind of person who likes their woofer to do a lot of your speaker array's heavy lifting, you should definitely watch your crossovers.


As for 'controlled bass', I reached for my trusty 4K disc of Baby Driver, and its action scenes timed to a score composed of an eclectic mix of pop songs. Here, the KF92 really impressed with an agility and responsiveness in lockstep with the film's breakneck pace. This sub weaved its way through the sonic pyrotechnics of the soundtrack with panache.

The post-robbery shoot-out near the end is a particular treat, with gunfire punctuated by deep yet snappy bass. The KF92 showed a wonderful lightness of touch here, not just with the ballistics, but the integration of the drums in the accompanying songs. Perhaps this shows the 'Musical Integrity Engine' is more than just a pretty name.

Deep Impact
KEF's KF92 reminds me that while you can't break the laws of physics, you can at least fiddle with them a little to produce something that defies expectations. This smartly styled subwoofer reaches deep in a manner that's at odds with its size, and does so with a deftness that's rarely heard when delivering bass this seismic. There's no denying you need deep pockets to buy KEF's mid-range marvel, but you'll be rewarded with one of the best smaller subwoofers on the market n

HCC Verdict


Price: £2,250

We say: This elegantly compact but powerful woofer dives deep while remaining responsive and tightly controlled. The result is maximum boom from minimum room. Impressive.

Overall: 4.5/5


DRIVE UNITS: 2 x 9in aluminium/paper cone drivers ENCLOSURE: Sealed, dual-opposed driver config ONBOARD POWER (CLAIMED): 2 x 500W (RMS) Class D FREQUENCY RESPONSE (CLAIMED): 11Hz-200Hz (-3dB) REMOTE CONTROL: No DIMENSIONS: 353(h) x 330(w) x 361(d)mm WEIGHT: 20kg

FEATURES: Stereo/LFE line-level input; speaker-level input; line-level output; high pass frequency control; room/wall/corner/cabinet/apartment preset EQs; crossover and volume controls; 0-180 phase switch; compatible with KEF KW1 wireless transmitter; Music Integrity Engine DSP processing; Intelligent Bass Extension