Gaems G155 review

(Pac-) Man in a suitcase Steve May takes his games console on the road

It’s not everyday you see a game system in a suitcase. But that’s what we have here. The G155 Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System (hence GAEMS) comprises a low-lag 720p 15.5in screen and console-securing straps, net bumpers and a foam base to hold an entrapped games system (Xbox 360 or PS3 slim).

The idea is to have a completely self-contained unit suitable to take camping, haul around to a mate’s house or ship to a posting in Kandahar. It’s a novel enough concept, but just how good is the execution?

Well, the G155 plastic hard case certainly seems durable, but calibration is limited with only the bare minimum of adjustments on offer. The Picture menu has sliders for brightness, contrast and saturation, but there’s no sharpness control. This is annoying as the screen clearly adds edge enhancement, evidenced by a white glow around text.


The GAEMS G155 system complies with American TSA airline carry-on guidelines, so you should be able to treat it as hand luggage; although, frankly, when loaded up with an Xbox 360, power brick and sundries, it’s pretty darn heavy at around 8kg.

Hook up is easy. There’s a front-facing HDMI input for the transported games system, but no other inputs. Integrated speakers make an undeniably stereophonic noise, but you may well prefer headphones. The unit offers paired ‘phone jacks, so two can enjoy the show.


There’s no internal battery. You’ll need a handy power point to get your gaming fix.

The screen is very directional. View off-angle and colour, detail and contrast fade away.

Gaems G155
£300 Approx

Overall: 3/5