DALI unveils Opticon MK2 loudspeaker range

New from Danish speaker corp DALI is the six-model Opticon MK2 series, which replaces the previous Opticon range launched in 2015.

Including centre channel and on-wall models in addition to standmount and floorstanding speakers, it's ready for home cinema system builders – and described as 'a new gateway to magical sound, music and cinematic experiences.'

DALI suggests the new series 'respectfully' updates the outgoing Opticons 'with new ideas, technologies, and a fresh modern aesthetic'.

The full range comprises the Opticon 8 MK2 and Opticon 6 MK2 floorstanders (priced £2,600 per pair and £1,500 per pair respectively); the Opticon 2 MK2 and Opticon 1 MK2 standmounts (£900 per pair and £600 per pair); the Opticon Vokal MK2 centre speaker (£550); and Opticon LCR MK2 (£600).

There's no Opticon subwoofer, but DALI's bassmaker range runs from the £350 8in SUB C-8 D to the £2,100 SUB P-10 DSS, which partners a 10in active driver with twin 10in passive radiators.

Feature upgrades of the Opticon MK2 series include a new in-house designed 29mm soft dome tweeter, new wood-fibre bass/mid drivers, Dual Flare reflex ports on floorstander and standmount speakers (the Vokal MK2 is front ported to enable placement within AV furniture), and a 'completely redesigned' crossover.

On the Opticon 8, 6, Vokal and LCR, the soft dome tweeter is paired with a high-frequency ribbon unit in DALI's 'hybrid tweeter module'. The company says this two-pronged approach 'makes it possible to achieve optimum clarity, smoothness, and richness in detail.'

SMC (Soft Magnet Compound) technology, trickled down DALI's flagship Epicon series, is again used in the speakers' bass/mid driver mounting assembly.

Finish options for the Opticon MK2 series are Satin White, Satin Black, and Tobacco Oak – except the Opticon 8 MK2 floorstander, which is available in Satin Black and Tobacco Oak only. So no towering white speakers for you...