Check out this bonkers 165in foldable Micro LED TV...

Ultra-high-end TV marque C-Seed has announced 'the world's first' (and probably last) 165in foldable Micro LED TV.

The 4K HDR-capable M1 is installed on a 'sculpture-like' column that rises from a void in your floor, before unfurling five screen 'wings' to create its over-sized panel. C-Seed's Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology helps create a seamless effect.

'Big wall-mounted TV screens are an anachronism in modern interior design,' says C-Seed's Managing Partner, Alexander Swatek. 'Therefore, [we] took a totally different path and came up with a revolutionary design.'

The M1 is available in four colour options and casing choices. Potential buyers should book a flight to the company's Beverly Hills showroom for a demo, where C-Seed might let you in on the price.

And here it is in all its bonkers glory...