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Anton van Beek  |  May 01, 2016  |  0 comments

When his tomboy cousins mock Max (Emjay Anthony) for writing a letter to Santa, his love of all-things Christmas reaches breaking point and he tears the letter up and scatters it to the wind. The following day, Max's family wake up to discover that the entire area has been hit by a sudden blizzard and they are soon under siege by a horned ghoul and his army of misfit monsters.

Anton van Beek  |  Apr 29, 2016  |  0 comments

Not one of the most prolific Italian filmmakers, Luciano Ercoli demonstrated a sense of cinematic flair and style that makes it hard not to wonder what he might have gone on to create had he not retired after directing just eight films. This is especially true of his two forays into the giallo genre with the actress who would become his wife, Nieves Navarro (credited in these flicks as Susan Scott).

Anton van Beek  |  Apr 28, 2016  |  0 comments

Thirty years have passed since the fall of the Empire and the galaxy is in turmoil once again. Luke Skywalker has disappeared and a new threat calling itself the First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire, bringing with it a new world-destroying super-weapon. Meanwhile, on the desolate desert planet of Jakku, a spirited young scavenger called Rey (Daisy Ridley) befriends a cute little droid and ends up on the run with former Stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega).

Anton van Beek  |  Apr 18, 2016  |  0 comments

One of William Shakespeare's most iconic plays, Macbeth has been catnip to filmmakers over the decades. Heck, just a few month back we were casting our eye over the Blu-ray release of Justin Kurzel's recent adaptation in the pages of Home Cinema Choice magazine. But one still reigns supreme as the definitive cinematic incarnation – Roman Polanski's The Tragedy of Macbeth (1971).

Anton van Beek  |  Apr 15, 2016  |  0 comments

Picking up exactly where The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 left off, this franchise closer opens in media res, with the realisation of what happened to her former Games teammate Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) giving Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) a new thirst for revenge against President Snow (Donald Sutherland).

Anton van Beek  |  Mar 07, 2016  |  0 comments

Exactly how many times can HBO's fantasy series pull the rug out from under its viewers? Even in the aftermath of the Red Wedding, it still has the power to shock and surprise audiences and this fifth year is no exception.

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 16, 2016  |  0 comments

With each season of zombie series The Walking Dead opening to monster ratings for cable channel AMC, it's no surprise that the broadcaster fancied another bite of the decaying cherry. Which is why we now have Fear the Walking Dead, a six-episode prequel series that dials back the clock to show the onset of the zombie apocalypse through the prism of a dysfunctional Los Angeles family.

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 14, 2016  |  0 comments

When extraterrestrials misinterpret footage from classic videogames beamed into space in 1982 as a declaration of war, they decide to wipe out all life on Earth using technology based on the likes of Galaga, Centipede and Pac-Man. And with the military hopelessly outclassed, humanity's only hope lies with a trio of former arcade game champions (Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad).

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 12, 2016  |  0 comments

If you like your films to challenge as much as they entertain, then you'll get a kick out of this limited edition boxset collecting three thematically-linked works by one of the leading lights of Japanese 'New Wave' cinema.

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 10, 2016  |  0 comments

Earlier in the year, superhero sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron lit up the box office but failed to capture the energy and thrills of the original. 2015 suddenly looked set to be the year that the cracks started to show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, what hope was there for the studio's next outing; a film about a hero whose powers consist of shrinking and talking to ants? Let alone one that had already been tarnished by the acrimonious departure of fan-favourite filmmaker Edgar Wright. Could it be that we were looking at Marvel's first major flop?

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 08, 2016  |  0 comments

Having already reworked Conan Doyle's master detective for the bigscreen, director Guy Ritchie now turns his attention to the iconic figure of the gentleman spy with this cinematic 'reimagining' of the classic TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 06, 2016  |  0 comments

Set in a bureaucratic future where even sexual encounters require contracts to be drawn up by lawyers, business executive Sam Treadwell (David Andrews) is one of a growing number of people to opt for an android lover instead. But when his rare Cherry 2000 (Pamela Gidley) short-circuits, a distraught Sam must venture into the lawless post-apocalyptic wilderness of Zone 7 to find a new model. Aiding him on his quest is Johnson (Melanie Griffith), one of the few trackers capable of guiding Sam to the location of the old android factory and keeping him safe from the deadly gangs that live in the area.

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 04, 2016  |  0 comments

Loved by children everywhere, Gru's little yellow sidekicks from the Despicable Me cartoons have graduated to their own feature film.

Anton van Beek  |  Feb 02, 2016  |  0 comments

The Future War is over. Skynet has been defeated. All that remains is for resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke) to send Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect his unsuspecting mother Sarah (Emilia Clarke) from the T-800 cyborg assassin (Arnold Schwarzenegger) that Skynet sent through time to kill her. But when Kyle arrives in 1984, not only is Sarah waiting for him, but she also has her own tame T-800…

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One of the most important figures in the history of the film industry, Charles Spencer 'Charlie' Chaplin enjoyed a career that spanned some 75 years. In the process he helped define the language of cinema, pioneered technological advances as a filmmaker and co-founded United Artists with D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks to wrest control of their work back from the major studios.