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Denon has successfully carved a niche for itself when it comes to AV amplifiers and receivers, from the entry-level AVR-X2800H to the all-singing, all-dancing AVC-A1H flagship. But it's the middle segment of this market where the brand has perhaps proved strongest and the AVC-X4800H auditioned here is the perfect example...
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We're seeing more and more 'soundbar killer' products these days, and with speakers in tow is Tangent's affordable Ampster TV II stereo amp ready to start gunning them down?
Mark Craven  |  Apr 03, 2024  |  0 comments praise is due to gear that still catches the eye, even when you can see right through it
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hcchighreccomendHisense's latest 'Laser Cinema' model excels in terms of smart skill and usability, and delivers captivating 4K HDR visuals and solid sonics. Be prepared to tweak its presets, though.
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hcchighreccomendBehind Marantz's Stereo 70s is the idea that traditional two-channel audio is back in fashion. Combining the setup simplicity of a soundbar and the system-switching sophistication of a full blown 8K-capable AV amplifier, it offers a seductively fresh take on home theatre. It's aimed at those who want to keep things simple, aren't impressed by the prospect of a multiplicity of speakers, and who maybe prioritise music over movies and TV.
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A renovated outbuilding is home to this custom cinema designed to dazzle without breaking the bank
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The features and price of TCL's 65C845K just don't seem compatible with each other. Here we have a 65in TV that boasts more than 2000 nits of brightness, uses Mini LED lighting and 576 separately controlled local dimming zones, and supports all the latest and greatest gaming features, yet the price tag attached to at reads just £1,049.
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Danish speaker corp launches new seven-model range with on-wall, centre and subwoofer options
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hcchighreccomend TCL's ambition is not just to be a purveyor of well-priced mass-market tellies. Recently it's been keen to promote its range of mega-sized sets (including the £3,000 98in P745K, and – as the first brand to ever bring a mini LED model to market – it's focusing a lot on that technology too. But the 55C745K auditioned here is one of its more bread-and-butter options, being a QLED, and not mini LED model, with a £649 asking price. Does that make it a bargain?
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hcchighreccomend The TX-55MZ980 is Panasonic's current mid-range OLED TV – which means you have to accept a couple of limitations right off the bat. What it does have going for it, though, is its price. At £1,399 it's not only substantially more affordable than its step-up siblings, but goes toe-to-toe with big-name rivals...