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This new flagship soundbar from the American manufacturer certainly looks the part, but does it live up to its name?
Jamie Biesemans  |  Jan 10, 2024  |  0 comments
It was very quiet around Onkyo for the last few years, but an invigorating partnership between Sharp and the Premium Audio Company means the iconic Japanese brand is making a comeback. And the charge is being led by the TX-RZ70, an 11.2-channel AV receiver launched in 2023 at £3,099.
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As part of a strategy of trying to offer something for everyone, Sony has already given us traditional LED, Mini LED, and OLED flatscreens in its latest TV range. But, whether intentionally or not, the Japanese giant has saved its best till last in the shape of its Quantum Dot OLED sets. The 55A95L auditioned here sells for the rather princely sum of £2,499 – immediately establishing it as Sony's flagship 55in TV.
Steve May  |  Jan 08, 2024  |  0 comments
Sony has taken the wraps off dramatic new TV backlighting technologies that it believes will elevate Mini LED above OLED (even QD OLED) in the picture performance stakes.

The company has developed new panel driver tech that it suggests will enable Mini LED screens to offer more dynamic HDR, delivered with greater precision. Intrigued, we travelled to Sony HQ, Tokyo, for a closer look.

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Someone once suggested the only things we can be certain of in this world are 'death and taxes'. To that I might venture you can add 'kick-ass compact speakers from Wharfedale', because the UK-born marque, when getting down to the business of delivering fine sounds from small boxes, never seems to put a foot wrong.
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2023 might rightfully be remembered for a number of things. The 70th anniversary of Marantz, 30 years of The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the year that no one watched superhero movies anymore.

Equally, says Steve May, it could be remembered as the year the wheel fell off the digital bandwagon leading to a resurgence of physical media.

Kulwinder Singh Rai  |  Nov 22, 2023  |  0 comments
Previously, the best Dolby Atmos configuration one could create around a Sonos Arc soundbar and rear speakers was a 5.0.2-channel effort. But partner the Arc with the new Era 300s (wireless stereo speakers, designed from the get-go to excel with spatial audio/Dolby Atmos), and you can now step up to 7.0.4 – with no speaker cables anywhere. Excited? You should be…
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hcchighreccomend Mention the name McIntosh to anyone with even a passing interest in home audio, and two words probably spring to mind: 'gorgeous' and 'expensive'. The new MHT300 seven-channel AV receiver certainly ticks both those boxes with its classy looks and nine-grand price tag...
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hcchighreccomend Never a company to sit on its laurels, Samsung has now released a second-generation version of its portable Freestyle projector, building on its earlier success by including a host of useful and ingenious new features at a very competitive price...
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hccrefstatusbadgeWe are often told physical media is dead, so 
when a new-on-the-scene manufacturer, Magnetar, announces a £2,699 universal disc spinner – one 
that's also a streamer for the media on your server 
and a high-end DAC to boot – we're both somewhat surprised and excited. Enter Magnetar's UDP900.