Wolf Creek 2 review

Greg McLean's 2005 shocker Wolf Creek was among the best of the glut of so-called 'survival-horror' films that flooded the market in the last decade.

Despite kicking off with a spectacular sequence where John Jarrett's pig-hunter-cum-serial-killer Mick Taylor (essentially a twisted Crocodile Dundee) takes out a couple of cops who pulled him over for speeding, it initially looks like we're in for more of the same, as the focus shifts onto a couple of German hitchhikers who run afoul of Mick. However, this all changes when one of them escapes and is found by pommie surfer Paul (Ryan Corr), who becomes the new focus of Mick's unstoppable rage.

The first Wolf Creek was clearly indebted to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre; this belated follow-up seems to take its cues from that film's sequel, playing bigger and broader in terms of scope, gore, action and laughs. What unfolds isn't on a par with the streamlined thrills of the original, but Wolf Creek 2 is still a supremely capable slasher that cements Mick Taylor's place as one of the great horror bogeymen of the modern era. Bonzer!

Picture: For the most part, Wolf Creek 2 is an absolutely beautiful-looking film. Shot mainly using Arri Alexa cameras, the 2.40:1-framed imagery is crisp and intricately detailed, even holding up extremely well under low-light conditions.

Some of the bigger stunts make use of the now ubiquitous GoPro cameras, which don't quite match up in terms of quality. But given that these affordable cam were often destroyed in getting the shots McLean wanted, it's an understandable state of affairs.
Picture rating: 4.5/5

Audio: Wolf Creek 2's DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix is a full-blooded affair that reaches more dynamic heights than we expected, thanks to sequences such as the car crash in Chapter 2 and the truck chase in Chapter 8. Dialogue is also faultlessly reproduced, while use of atmospheric effects across the entire soundstage keeps the sense of horror ticking over.
Audio rating: 4/5

Extras: In lieu of a commentary, this disc offers up a wonderfully informative 57-minute Making of… documentary. Also included are nine deleted scenes, running to a little shy of 26 minutes.
Extras rating: 2/5

We say: A strong hi-def showing for a twisted, inventive and well-made horror sequel

Wolf Creek 2, EntertainmentOne, Region B BD, £18 Approx