UK home video industry pushes 'Unforgettable Entertainment' drive

Two leading home video industry groups have joined forces with movie/TV download platforms and studios to deliver a week of 'Unforgettable Entertainment.' Or, in other words, reduced prices on buy-and-keep content.

The British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) and Digital Entertainment Group International (DEGI) are behind the campaign, which aims to spotlight the 'simplicity, flexibility and ease of digital transaction.'

Unforgettable Entertainment follows previous campaigns (including Mega Movie Week) intended to remind UK telly addicts that there's more to video on demand than subscription-based platforms like Netflix.

'Download and Keep allows consumers to take advantage of the best in screen entertainment in their own homes without subscription,' the bodies said in a joint statement.

The week of promotional pricing began on Monday, and will run until March 21. Platforms involved include Sky Store, Virgin Media, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, BT TV Store, Google Play and Rakuten, with content coming from studios including Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney and Universal.

Titles enjoying a price slash include Joker, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Disney's live-action Mulan. The latter, which bypassed cinemas last year to become a Premium VOD title priced around £20, is now available for £4.99.