Tannoy updates Mercury range with Vi models

5.1 set to sell for £1,000 - new tweeters and crossover onboard

Tannoy has given its affordable Mercury V speakers a makeover, claiming the improvements equate to an enhanced performance on the orginal models but at the same price tag.

The new Mercury Vi range (and definitely not Mercury VI – HCC was given a slap on the wrist for pronouncing them 'Six') consists of the V1i standmount, VCi centre speaker, V4i floorstander (pictured) and the VRi slim-profile on-wall speaker.

The most notable difference over the previous Mercury V range is the employment of an all-new magnesium-aluminium alloy tweeter, which replaces the soft fabric unit. Tannoy says this beefs up high-frequency performance by extending the frequency range to 53kHz and pushing HF breakup to inaudible levels. A new crossover has also been implemented, using the brand's own Differential Material Technology (DMT) to provide a better integration between the tweeter and the pulp fibre midbass driver. 

The Vi range also incorporates an upgrade to the speaker terminals, offering larger, gold-plated designs, while the V4i floorstander incorporates a plinth to increase stabilty.

With no dedicated Mercury subwoofer, Tannoy will sell a Vi 5.1 array using its TS2.10 subwoofer, a 300W, 10in driver design. The package, with V4is on front left and right duty, the V1is as surrounds and the VCi centre is set to retail for £1,000.

Individual pricing for the new speakers is £145 (per-pair) for the V1i, £430 (p/p) for the V4i, £140 for the VCi and £140 (p/p) for the VRi. The cabinets are available in either sugar maple or dark walnut finishes.

Head over to www.tannoy.com for more info.