REL unleashes HT/1508 Predator subwoofer

REL has added a flagship model to its Serie HT (Home Theatre) subwoofer range, dubbed the HT/1508 Predator. As with other models in the lineup, the sub's focus is on LFE performance, simple setup and value for money.

The HT/1508 Predator enters the home cinema jungle armed with a custom made 15in CarbonGlas bass driver and 850W amplifier. Previous Serie HT woofers, the HT/1003 and HT/1205 have used 10in and 12in drivers respectively.

Explains REL's owner John Hunter: 'We designed an all-new 15in driver with 3in of stroke fore-and-aft but, as with all REL driver designs, our focus is on speed and articulation, not just boom. A compact yet powerful 850W amplifier provides all the power necessary to shake walls and rattle cabinets.'

'Where many competitors offer a 12in or 13in driver, REL supplies a 15in. Why? Because our testing revealed that the 15in would deliver the necessary performance but do so with greater ease and more headroom.'

In terms of specifications, the HT/1508 veers slightly off the Serie HT path by adding a balanced XLR input and output to the usual stereo phono connections. Setup features are crossover, gain and 0/180-degree phase controls, plus an Auto Standby feature.

The sub is a sealed design with forward-firing driver, with internal bracing and a 12mm-thick glass top plate to aid cabinet solidity. REL's feet also function as stacking rails, enabling multiple HT/1508s to be stacked.

The HT/1508 subwoofer will hit retailers soon priced at £1,600. Check out HCC #296 – on sale February 21 – for our exclusive review.

REL Acoustics