Q Acoustics launches Concept 50 5.1 speaker package

Q Acoustics has added three new models to its flagship Concept speaker range, in the process launching a new 5.1 system for home cinema hedz.

The Concept 50 floorstander, Concept 30 standmount and Concept 90 centre speaker fill out a lineup that debuted in 2013 with the compact Concept 20, and more recently gained the Concept 500 tower and Concept 300 standmount – and it's the acoustic engineering and design of the latter two premium models that the company says has informed its newest speakers, in addition to a batch of fresh innovation.

So, while all three speakers feature the same Gelcore cabinet construction and vibration-reducing 'isolation suspension base' of their pricier siblings – and both the Concept 50 and Concept 30 further benefit from Q Acoustics' Point-2-Point (P2P) internal bracing architecture – drivers and crossover have been designed anew.

Used across the models is a 0.9in dome tweeter that's hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the speaker's aluminium front baffle, in order to limit interaction with Q Acoustics' new 5in bass/mid driver. The latter's assembly is then mounted to the front aluminium baffle by pretensioned studs 'to give the correct acoustic seal'.

Available for £1,999-per-pair, Q Acoustics' Concept 50 is a two-way floorstander with its bass/mid pairing sandwiching its high-frequency driver. The Concept 30 standmount (£899 per pair) uses one bass/mid, while the Concept 90 centre channel (£649) again features two.

The Concept 50 claims a 42Hz low-frequency reach and a 90.5dB sensitivity. All three have a rated nominal impedance of 6ohms.

Thew new speakers borrow the high gloss stylings of the Concept 300 and 500 models, and will be available – from the end of October – in black, silver or white lacquer finishes.

The Concept 50 5.1 package (£4,225) combines pairs of the Concept 50 floorstanders and Concept 30 standmounts with a Concept 90 centre speaker and Q Acoustics' Q B12 subwoofer, a 12in, 225W sealed sub that first arrived in 2019.

See Q Acoustics' website for more info.

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