PSB debuts new compact home cinema subwoofers

Two new subwoofers have been launched by PSB Speakers and are on sale now at Sevenoaks Sound & Vision stores in the UK.

The SubSeries 350 (pictured) and SubSeries 250 are described as ‘compact yet powerful’ designs, and feature sealed gloss-black cubed cabinets and front-firing drivers.

The SubSeries 350 sells for £1,000 and uses a 12in woofer and 300W continuous/900W peak Class D amplifier. The more affordable SubSeries 250 (£700) powers its 10in woofer via a 200W continuous/600W peak amp.

Onboard circuitry prevents amp/woofer overdriving, and PSB claims the designs are both ‘green’ and powerful, with standby consumption reduced to an industry low.

Both the new subs can be partnered with PSB’s RT100 wireless transmission kit, with the receiver unit drawing juice from a powered USB port on the back panel. Other connections are speaker and line-level inputs and outputs, and LFE input.

Controls are variable phase and crossover, gain and auto on/off selection.

Paul Barton, PSB Speakers’ founder and chief sonic noodler, voiced the new woofer duo at the National Research Council in the brand’s native Canada. The resulting products, he says, ‘are powerful, precise and truly exciting to experience.’